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Native Plant Seminars

Tennessee Native Plant Society
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Native Plant Seminars

The Tennessee Native Plant Society hosts monthly Native Plant Seminars via Zoom on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Central (7:30 p.m. Eastern) and lasting about one hour. All members, and potential members, are welcome to attend the seminars. The link to join each seminar is posted on our Calendar website pages.

Join us for an hour a month to learn more about Tennessee native plants and how we can conserve them for future generations. If you miss the live seminar, you can usually watch the video by clicking on “VIDEO” next to the seminar listing below. Of course, you won’t be able to ask questions on the video.

2024 TNPS Native Plant Seminar Schedule

January 16 – Mary Priestley, Evolution of Flowering Plants – VIDEO

February 20 – John Manion, Native Ferns – VIDEO  available until 4/20/24

March 19 – Steve Murphree, Cicadas Return – VIDEO

April 16 – Janneke Petersen, Symbiotic Schoolyard – VIDEO
[Presentation begins about 14 minute mark]

May 21 – Deborah Rosenthal, Restoration Gone Wild

June 18 – Sandra Villasenor, Cane Brakes

July 16 – Alisha Millican, Fungus Among Us – An Intro to Fungi for the Home Gardner

August 20 – Connie Deegan, Snakes in Your Garden

September 17 – Sara Wittenberg, Pollinators in the Garden

October 15 – Elizabeth Hermsen, Plant Fossils of Tennessee

November 19 – Adam Bigelow, Wildflowers of Southern Appalachia

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Check out the TNPS Calendar for details of these events and the meeting links.

Seminar Video Archive


Nate Fields,  Plant for a Change: Cultivating Native Habitats Alongside People With and Without Disabilities

Darel Hess, Wildflower Photography

Tony Lance,  Certify Your Yard (TWF)

Mary Priestley, Nature Journaling, Handouts #1, #2, #3, #4

CoreyPine Shane, Southeast Medicinal Plants

Pandy Upchurch, Edible Natives

Robin Whitfield, The Color of ConservationACTIVITY VIDEO

Appreciation & Identification

Todd Crabtree,  Rare Plants and Plant Communities of Southeast Tennessee

Randy Hedgepath, Some of My Favorite Wildflowers

Dennis Horn,  Tennessee Orchids

Dennis Horn, Spring Wildflowers Across Tennessee

Larry Pounds, Plants of the Cumberland Trail

Larry Pounds, Fall Wildflowers

Milo Pyne, Native Plants of the Cedar Glades

Allan Trently,  Native Plant Highlights from West Tennessee: 2008 to Present

Erin Tripp, Tennessee: A Global Hotspot for Lichen Biodiversity

Dave Walters and Dr. Cindi Smith-Walters, Winter Tree Identification

Dennis Whigham,  Native Orchids in Tennessee – Ecology & Conservation Needs

Ann Willyard, Scientific Names

Gardening & Landscaping

Dennis Bishop,  Designing in Nature: Transforming Lawns to Native Plants

Meredith Clebsch, Low-Tech Native Plant Propagation

Paula Gross, Best Tree for Your Garden

Bart Jones, The Wild and Wondrous World of Orchid Pollination

Jaimie Matzko, Biodiversity in your Landscape: Why it Matters

Non-native Plants

Margie Hunter, Invasive Plants of Tennessee

Margie Hunter, Beyond Aesthetics: Garden As If Life Depends On It

Sam King,  Removing Invasive Plants

Pollinators and Other Animals

John Froeschauer, Moths and Butterflies: Natural History and Gardening

Steve Murphree, Insect Pollinators