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Field Trips

Tennessee Native Plant Society
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Field Trips

Field trips are designed to promote informed interest in Tennessee’s native plants. They are led by persons familiar with native plants of the area and are open to non-members as well as members.

It is the custom to share knowledge, compare experiences, and ask questions. Since conservation is a primary objective of TNPS, plant collecting is never part of the trips. These hike descriptions usually include a mention of the physical difficulty, but for safety, each person must judge their own abilities.

Trips are rarely canceled, however, sometimes changes are unavoidable, especially now with the COVID-19 concerns. Please contact the trip leader a day or two before the trip for possible changes and to alert the leader that you plan to attend. You are encouraged to attend as many trips as you can.

The Little Cedar Mountain field trip on April 22 has been added to the list of field trips since publication of the March newsletter. Hence the “Revised” designation of the list below.

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TNPS members meet frequently at various locations all over the state for field trips. For these trips, we rely on local amateurs and professionals who know the plants in a given area. Check out the TNPS Calendar for the time and place of these events.