TN native wildflower, the passion flower


2018 Conference

Our 2018 TNPS Annual Conference will be held March 30 to April 1, 2018 at the Tally Ho Inn in Townsend, Tennessee. Hikes will be in the Smokies, with several choices available.

On Friday evening Rob Klein, Fire Ecologist for the Great Smoky Mountains NP, will speak on  "The Role of Fire in the Great Smoky Mountains: Past and Present Perspectives." On Saturday evening Margie Hunter will talk about "Plants Along the Path in the Smokies". View the meeting agenda for more information.

If you plan to join us, please register by March 15th.

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2017 Conference

2017 TNPS Conference

Ken McFarlandOur 2017 Annual Conference was held at Bersheba Springs on June 9-11. The weather was clear and warm, which made for a beautiful spring conference with plenty of lovely flowers to be seen. On Friday evening we had an informal gathering before dinner, which was followed by Dr. Ken McFarland's talk about "Mosses are plants too!" Dr. McFarland was a professor of biology, and lab and greenhouse manager at UT-Knoxville until he recently retired. It was an intriguing talk that had us all looking at mosses very differently on our Saturday morning hike which was also led by Dr. McFarland. Many thanks Dr. McFarland for educating us plant folks about a group of plants that we tend to overlook.

The Saturday afternoon hike was led by Todd Crabtree. We searched for white fringeless orchid habitat and other orchids of the plateau top. Lots of interesting finds, including pink ladies slippers with spent blooms. After another delicious dinner we gathered for a brief business meeting followed by an informative talk by David Lincicome on “Capacity Building for Plant Conservation: Establishment of a Tennessee Plant Conservation Alliance (PCA).” David Lincicome is the Heritage Program Manager for Tennessee and spoke about efforts to form a PCA in Tennessee.

Sunday folks either departed after breakfast or attended the TNPS Board meeting. All in all a well attended and enjoyable conference.