Tennessee Native Plant Society
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Board of Directors

Contact any TNPS board member or use our Contact Us form to make officer and board of director nominations or challenges. Annual submittals for consideration are due in December.

Our next Board of Directors meeting will be Saturday, May 16th (location to be determined). All meetings are open to our members.

Book Inventory

Books on HandWildflowerTwigFlora
Dennis Horn20614
Margie Hunter/Kim/Richard1063
Bart Jones3600
Updated 2/20/2020


Susan Sweetser – President
Allan Trently – Vice President
Bettina Ault – Secretary
Karen Ripple Hill – Treasurer


TNPS Bylaws ⤤ (Revised 2018)


Louise Gregory
Michelle Haynes
Bart Jones
Larry Pounds
Dennis Horn
Suzy Askew


Joanna Brichetto
Jennifer Trently
David Hilgeman
Karen Ripple Hill

Education Outreach

Shelley King
Kim Sadler
David Hilgeman